How To Setup Custom Domain On Blogger With

As now these days everyone want to start his/her own business online and for this domain name is necessary and on Internet many websites like GoDaddy, Namecheap, BigRock etc. provides domain name. With domain name we can start our business online and also we can make money online from this domain. As to start business we not only need domain name but also hosting, which can host our blog and we can start posting the articles or other stuff on our blog. But is a best platform by Google which can host our blog for free. Yes this platform is best and we can add our domain on Blogger for free and start our business. In India is best as their service is best and we can also apply some coupons and get the domain in just 99rs. from Godaddy. But when it comes to Setup Custom Domain On Blogger  then it is not easy for the newbies as it is little bit difficult for new users. But here I am to guide you How To Setup Custom Domain On Blogger With Don’t worry in this post I will show you the full guide on attach godaddy domain in blogger and you will understand it and can apply in very less time.
On we can create a blog like but as it is difficult to remember so we can shrink it to I think you understand now what is custom domain, so now come on the main topic. When we purchase the domain from any domain providing company then we have to change the A record and CNAME record according to our blog. So in this post I am going to show the steps to Setup Custom Domain On Blogger With

Steps To Setup Custom Domain On Blogger

1. First off all you have to buy a domain from GoDaddy but keep in mind you don’t need to purchase any other service from them as there is no need of website builder package or any other hosting. Because Blogger is hosting platform 🙂 but you have to only buy the domain from GoDaddy and need the login information of the account of GoDaddy.
2. Now after domain registration on GoDaddy login into your account on GoDaddy but i am sure that you already login. Now here you can see Domain and other options. Here you have to click on Domains tab and then click on Manage DNS tab.

3. Now you will see three tabs on the top and here you have to choose DNS Zone File tab and then Click on Add Record Option.

4. Now choose CNAME Alias from drop-down menu as shown in the image below.
In the boxes you have to fill the following details.
First Box: CNAME (Alias)
Second Box: www
Third Box:
Fourth Box: 1 Hour

Add this detail and click on ADD ANOTHER option.
4. Now you have to add four more records which will be under A (Host) section. Below I am sharing the records to fill. These details will be added in the same form but you have to only choose A (Host) from drop-down menu and start adding and in the end click on FINISH button.

5. Now you will be see a red colored message shown as below image. Click on Save Changes button.

Here you have almost completed the all requirements to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger With

Now Publishing Blogspot Blog To Custom Domain

Now steps are for the blogger to attach that domain in blogger and publish it for all peoples. Don’t get bored as we are only few steps away from completion.
1. Now have to navigate to Settings->Basic and then you will see a option Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog just click on that.

2. Enter the domain name like which you have bought from GoDaddy and click on save button. But it will show an error same like as shown below.

The meaning of this error is that Blogger trying to verify that you are the owner of that blog by creating the CNAME (Alias) record on GoDaddy. So keep in mind that this is necessary step to attach the godaddy domain in blogger. In GoDaddy Host and Pints To should match with blogger error.
3. So go to GoDaddy again and click on Add Record again and select CNAME (Alias) and in the first box paste the first box add Name, Label or Host field which is under www and then in the second box add the Points To record then click on Finish option and click on Save Changes from top.

4. Now go back on Blogger and click on Save button. You can see that error has been gone away and domain is added. But you haven’t completed yet as one more step is left. I know you are thinking what is behind, but you are forgetting that redirection is behind as you have to redirect the domain from to So that is the way to redirect the domain automatically.
5. Click on Edit button and then Redirect box and then click on the Save button.
Finally the steps are completed and now your blog is visible to everyone and also it will redirect to automatically.

Over To You

Guys it is completed but sometimes the DNS changes (CNAME and A Host) which we have made take some time. Near around 24-48 hours it will be changed if not worked in first 1 or 2 minutes. In my case it was done in just 2 or 3 minutes. I know my post is in full details and if you still need any suggestion or need any other help then you can comment below and ask me.
If you think i have missed anything then feel free to remind me. Also share it with others and stay connected with us for more updates.

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