How To Install Free CloudFlare SSL on WordPress | CloudFlare Flexible SSL

In 2017 Google recently announced the new rules of ranking the website. According to these rules, HTTPS is new ranking factor now. Means sites with SSL will be come first in SERPS as compared sites with no SSL. It means if you are not using SSL and will move your site from HTTP to HTTPS then it will increase the chances to get more ranking in Google search results.

In the past adding SSL and switching to HTTPS was expensive and that was the reason webmasters was not buying the SSL. But now CloudFlare just solved the problem of many bloggers as they released the free CloudFlare SSL, so everyone can install SSL on their website.

What is HTTPS and SSL?

We all use Internet for almost everything in today’s and also we share our personal information and date with websites to purchase or creating account on these websites. But how can we say that our data is safe with these websites so in order to protect the data transfer, a secure connection needs to be created. Which can be done with the help of SSL and HTTPS.
HTTPS or Secure HTTP is an encryption method that helps to secures the connection between users’ browser and your server. It makes harder for hackers to eavesdrop on the connection. Each website is issued a unique SSL certificate for identification purposes. But if a server is pretending to be on HTTPS, and the SSL certificate doesn’t match, then the browsers will warn the user and show the below error.

Setting up free CloudFlare SSL Flexible

CloudFlare is providing free SSL names Flexible ssl and you can also use it for your website. Below I am sharing the step by step guide to install CloudFlare SSL on your WordPress website without paying anything.
  • First you have to signup for Cloudflare free account.
  • Change the nameservers and follow the instructions.
  • Select the free plan and then make sure your account is active.
  • Now select the Crypto from the top menus.
  • From the first row select the Flexible option from the dropdown menu.
Now you have successfully requested the Flexible SSL Certificate from Cloudflare. It usually takes the 15-40 minutes to get activated and when it active you will see the green active box like shown in the image. You have to wait for the activation and sometimes it take more time but don’t worry it will be activated soon. In the remain time we will setup other things so follow the below procedure.

Installing The Necessary Plugins For Redirection

As the CloudFlare will take few minutes, in the mean time we will install the two plugins CloudFlare Flexible SSL Plugin and WordPress HTTPS Plugin. These both plugins will help you to redirect your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

CloudFlare Flexible SSL Plugin

First we will install CloudFlare Flexible SSL Plugin and which is essential for enabling Flexible SSL on WordPress. It will also helps to prevent infinite redirect loops when loading WordPress sites under CloudFlare’s Flexible SSL system. So you have to install it you can click on CloudFlare Flexible SSL Plugin to get the plugin. You just have to install this plugin and activate it.

WordPress HTTPS Plugin

The second plugin will be WordPress HTTPS Plugin and it isn’t essential if all of your plugins and links on your website are already HTTPS. This plugin will change the all non-https link to https. So download the WordPress HTTPS Plugin and install it on your website.
After installing this plugin you have to change some settings in the WordPress Https plugin. So follow the process below.
  • Go to the plugin settings.
  • Click on Yes for the proxy setting.
  • Save.

Setting Rule To Deliver Content via HTTPS

While doing all the above process maybe CloudFlare issued your flexible ssl. So now we can move forward and perform the last steps. So follow below steps:-
  1. Go back to CloudFlare.
  2. Select the Page Rules from the top menu.
  3. Click on Create Page Rule option.
  4. Now in the box add your domain like this*
  5. If your website is without www then type without www and don’t forget to add /* in the end of url.
  6. Click on Add a Setting from the same window and select Always use HTTPS. See the image below.

By doing this it will allow the CloudFlare to show the all pages of your website with HTTPS. So the CloudFlare settings are done here.

Changing Website Address to HTTPS

Now it’s time to change the address from HTTP to HTTPS. All you have to go the settings and change the site address from HTTP to HTTPS. See below.
  • Go to Settings and click  on General.
  • Now in the Site Address (URL) box add s right after the http.
  • Do not change the WordPress address (URL) see below.
  • If you changed he WordPress url too then it will break your site.
  • So do not change WordPress URL only change Site Address URL.
Note: If your change your Site Address (URL) to “https://” without installing the Cloudflare Flexible plugin on your website then it will also break your site. So make sure you install the plugin too.

Check Cloudflare Flexible SSL is working

Now as all the steps are done now it’s time to check is your website’s SSL is working or not. To check that open your website and see if a green lock is showing on the top left sidebar before your website’s link. Also there will be written Secure right after the green lock.

If your website is showing green lock then you’ve successfully installed the free cloudflare ssl on your wordpress website. Also check in other browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari to ensure. If your website any of other icon as shown in the above image then you must done mistake. So check the article again and make sure you done everything right.
If you have any problem while adding ssl to your website then comment below I will help you. If you like the tutorial then please share with others and keep visiting 🙂

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