How To Create an SEO friendly Website Which Ranks Well On Google

Let’s not beat around the bush. Having your website being SEO friendly is of utmost importance. Hiring an amazing web designer that will make you a flashy website simply won’t do the trick. Well, it would be nice to have an up to date website, but search engine optimization must be your top priority. Because if you want to start a new website or having an old website and want to take it to next level, then it’s important to make it SEO friendly. Having a SEO friendly website directly affects how high it’s going to be ranked in search engines. So it’s your first job to do the perfect SEO of your website. It will help you to grow your business and also to get targeted visitors to your website.

With just few tweaks you can rank your website top on the search engines, as billions of the people use search engines daily and only 4-5 % of them goes to 2nd page of search engine. So if your website in the first page of search engine like Google then you will get organic traffic for free.

How to create SEO Friendly Website

SEO is like backbone of your website and if you want people to find your website, then you need to use SEO on your site. If you use SEO correctly, you can improve your search engine ranking and drive more traffic to your website. Mostly people fails to make their website seo friendly just because lack of knowledge. There are a few simple tips that you can use to make your web design SEO friendly too. Check them below and apply these on your website and see website’s traffic growing day by day.


Now these days Social media is more relevant than ever before. Because everyone is on social media these days and from the social media you can drive huge amount of traffic. But also if your website have good social shared then search engines sees it as plus point and they rank your website on top. Some research shows that Instagram’s importance for online marketing is rapidly increasing, making it the top social media outlet for self-promotion.
To get the benefits of social media you can add social media sharing buttons on your website. Also, you can ask your current visitors to share your website or post on their social profiles. So make sure that you include your social media icons and, for all of your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. It not only increases the search engine visibility of your website but also increase your brand authority. Also join different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Flipboard etc. and stay active on those and create some users their. You will see changes after few days for sure and also the more benefits of it.


Keywords were important and always will be important as without keywords a website is nothing. Because keywords are the only thing which users searches with on search engines and other places. So doing proper keyword research on the most relevant keywords for a particular topic can help you with your SEO rating. So before posting anything do proper keyword research and find all the related keywords to that topic and then place carefully them in to your article.
However, be careful not to overstep the boundary, as if you place keywords all over your article without any need or meaning then it will be count as keyword stuffing. So search engine will stop crawling your website and they can also ban your site from there database. If your content is drowning in keywords it can actually backfire on you and your sites ranking.

3. SEO for Images

This is the step which mostly people don’t follow as they don’t know that images can also bring huge traffic to your website. Many people only optimize the text on their website, and they forget to do the same for the images they use. There is no doubt that images helps in ranking too, as if you optimize your website images properly then you can increase your site’s search engine ranking for sure. So while selecting an image you should keep the below points in your mind.
  • Image resolution must be 72dpi.
  • Image size should be 30 to 100kb.
  • Always use alt tags for images.
  • Do use too much flashy images.
If you follow above steps then you can see the changes in few days. As if you image quality is not good then it will not help others and also if your image size is big then it will make your site slow and search engines hate websites which takes too much time to load. Always use alt text to do SEO of image, as search engine can’t read the images but with the help of alt text/tags search engine find the images. So always use your keyword as alt tags for images.


Now these days this is one of the top ranking factors as if you site is not active, then search engines stop showing your website in their search results. Google simply adores active websites and so does the other search engines. Being consistent with producing new content will guarantee you a higher ranking. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have a very dynamic blog. Engage your customer support and your content writing crew in order to become as active as you possibly can. Mind those keywords, produce relevant and highly engaging content, and rest assured you’ll end up being satisfied.
Keep in mind just to keep your website active do not post non-relevant articles on your blog. As it will hurt your visitors and they will stop visiting your website in future. By activeness I mean you can post 2-3 articles in a week are enough but post only relevant and highly informative articles. It will surely boost your search engine ranking and you will start getting unlimited traffic.


In case you didn’t know, the speed at which your website operates gravely affects your SEO ranking. Having relevant content, relying on right keywords is all very well, but if takes more than 3 or 4 second for your website to respond, you are going to lose a lot of potential customers. One way to prevent this from happening, is to exclude extremely large media files like images and videos.
As I already told in SEO for Images point that chose images which have size between 30kb to 100kb. If your image’s size is bigger than that, then you can use images compressing tools like . As this tool will compress your image without loosing it’s quality.


Backlinks was, are and will be the top ranking factor and no one can prove it wrong. However many pro bloggers are saying “Content Is King” which is right but without backlinks ranking in search engine is not less than impossible. Previously it was easy to rank with just content but now competition is too high and new website can’t rank without the help of backlinks.

It also true that if you post a content which contains more than 3000-4000 words, then you will rank good in search engines. But if that post is having good amount of backlinks then it will rank in top 3-4 results for sure. Google still takes backlinks as ranking factor and it checks how many websites are linking to a content. If you website has good amount of backlinks pointing to it with good anchor text then no one can stop you from ranking in top results of Google.

There are plenty of different ways through which you can build backlinks to your website. Like outreaching to other companies from the same business branch and forming strong relationships with them can help you with back linking. Eventually, those companies will agree to link to your website from their’s. Apart from outreaching, using social media has to be the one of the best ways for building back links. Promoting your website through social media can lead to a massive increase in your site’s traffic.

It would be very smart to get involved with some experts in this particular area. Fortunately, there are a lot of great digital marketing agencies on the market that could help you reach satisfactory results. is among the finest ones. Don’t leave your success to chance, make great things happen.

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