Content Vs Link Building: Which Is More Important When It Comes To SEO

Bearing in mind the complicated nature of SEO, you need to continuously keep adapting the ever-changing factors of many search engines to boost the rankings for blog. In this process of maintaining traffic to blog, you may have confusion about which is more important among the two i.e.: content or link building.
Content Vs Link Building: Which Is More Important When It Comes To SEO

Content is referred as the king as it is vital to make your blog unique and appealing, while link building helps to create and get links required to get traffic. Below, you will get a clear idea about which is more important when the matter comes to SEO of blog.
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The Importance of Content

Content is one of the greatest significant aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it helps draw a considerable number of visitors. People today continuously attempt to integrate diverse techniques to market their services or products over digital platforms, however finally it all comes down to one aspect: Content.
This is a highly influential and powerful means of communication to happen between any brand and its customers. This is the one that marks the digital footprint of any brand online in the world of the digital market.

Content Creation

When your website is following SEO practices and is effortlessly indexable and crawlable for Google, the next important step in SEO practices is the creation of great content. It is known that creating great content can assist you to expand your universe of keyword, get links organically and it also allows you to effortlessly earn links naturally through lesser link building time. If in case your content is of low quality, you would need to spend much time sponsoring and driving your content, and this may not result in many quality links.
As the importance of content is great, Contentmart is an online platform from where you can get the unique content of high quality as per needs. Here, you can get content written on different niches which help to boost SEO for your blog.

The Importance of Link Building

Link building is equally important for on-page SEO as it is for off-page SEO. This is a process of links creation to your blog from other blogs over digital media. If you take a look at all authority blogs over the world, you will find that every blog possesses quality backlinks done from quality websites.
Number of links to your blog is the only way Google can check how valuable your blog is for people. The veracity of the matter is, though you have a lot of valuable content, if other people do not link to you, your blog will not be acknowledged as valuable by the search engines. This is because search engines are essentially machines and they are blind regarding how valuable your blog is, they can just watch through links. From Contentmart, you can get content written which you can post on blog in order to get quality backlinks and ultimately have strong link building. The content is such that it is easy to promote so that other people can link to you easily.

Which is more important? Content Vs Link Building

Both of them – the content and link building are equally important and one is incomplete without other. Either building links in absence of unique and engaging content or creating high-quality content lacking an operative link building strategy, both results in a failure. Hence, rich content with effective link building is the conduct to attaining SEO for your blog.
Content is most important as compare to the link building as it can help you in many ways. Don’t get me wrong as I am not saying link building is not required as link really helps a lot to rank well on search engines specially on Google. But if you really a good informative and quality content then believe me you will automatically get the good high quality links from the well know authority websites.

If you content is really good then not only it will help you to get the backlinks but also you will get good social signals as people will automatically share your content on social media sites and you will get good number of visitors to your blog.

Just keep in mind quality of post is more important then link building as if your content is not good enough then even links are not going to help you. As people will not open your website again once they see your website is not having good content to read or understand. So never compromise with the quality of your content and always spend good time on writing your content or you can use the Contentmart.

Maybe you know Google is now rolling many updates and the new algorithms are not giving more preferences to the links that you made manually. All I want to say is that if you can easily can get link from a site then that backlink is not going to help you. Also Google is not giving more preference to the comment backlinks, sitewide backlinks or any links manually created backlinks. But when you post a really good informative and quality article then other bloggers automatically link your post in their post, which calls natural links.
You can only get those links by good content so always make sure your content provides good information to the people. In simple words both are needed and have there own benefits. But content is first then link building comes. Keep in mind links only comes and works when you have good content. Also you can also ask other bloggers to link your post in their post, only when you have good content.


Content is King and keep it in your mind but it’s not a bad practice to generate backlinks for your webpages, as they will really help you in maintaining the position. But good content actually helps to get the actual ranking of a webpage and also these days crawlers are giving more preference to the well written article over webpage with more links. So, its better to optimize the content first instead of just creating backlinks and performing social media activities. Because content will automatically helps you to get both backlinks and social signals.

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